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Henry Moore Studios and Gardens, 2022

‘Tactile experience is very important as an aesthetic dimension in sculpture. Our knowledge of shape and form remains, in general, a mixture of visual and of tactile experiences.’ - Henry Moore  


This workshop invited participants to re-imagine the scale and dimensionality of everyday textiles and to explore its material language through tactile experience. They were introduced to plain weaving techniques and, engaging with both hard and soft materials, experimented with multidisciplinary possibilities of making utilising the woven structure. 


Drawing on inspiration from Moore’s use of materials, the construction of his armatures, and his consideration of scale, we contemplated materiality within sculpture, learning through material, and weaving as a social practice.        

'During my Artist Research Fellowship at Henry Moore Studios and Gardens, I was primarily engaged with Moore’s focus on the importance of tactility within sculpture and significance of touch in understanding shape and form. Material is more intimately understood, and scale more acutely re-imagined when we learn to recognise what surrounds us through touch'.

Photo credits: Henry Moore Foundation 

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