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Commissioned by Sunny Bank Mills Gallery, 2023. Permanent.

April 2023 marked ten years since the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, 2013. Rana Plaza was an eight-story commercial building housing five garment factories which collapsed, killing over 1,100 people and injuring approximately 2,500 others.


The structural failure of the Rana Plaza building was a direct result of the social failure of its garment workers. The hundreds of subsequent deaths and life-long injuries were a direct result of the mistreatment of, and lack of care for, factory workers at the bottom of the supply chain within the textile and apparel industry.


Remember Rana Plaza was designed to mirror the social injustice rooted within the collapse through an exploration of form and material. Merging both concrete and textiles, the two core materials which envelop this historic tragedy, this sculpture considers the relationship between the factories’ material foundations and their impact on the bodies and lives that had laid trapped between them. 

Remember Rana Plaza can be found on the Weavers Lawn at Sunny Bank Mills, Farsley.

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